breakfast traditions

two eggs any style 3.95
Served w/ Grits or Home Fries

country style slab bacon and two eggs 6.95

Bacon and Two Eggs 6.95

sAusAgEs and Two Eggs  6.95
Beef Sausage, Pork Sausage or Turkey Links

CornbEEf HAsH and Two Eggs  6.95

HAm and Two Eggs 6.95


Corn meal dusted friEd CATfisH to Golden Perfectio 9.95
w/ Grits or Home Fries
w/ Two Eggs 10.95

grAndmA JuliA’s CornmEAl Catch of the Day 7.95
w/ Grits or Home Fries
w/ Two Eggs 8.95

sAlmon CAkEs and Two Eggs 7.50

Shrimp & Grits 14.95
w/ Golden Fried, Bar-b-que or Grilled


souTHErn friEd CHiCkEn and grits 8.95
All White Meat 9.95

souTHErn friEd CHiCkEn and Eggs 9.95
All White Meat 10.95

sAuTEEd CHiCkEn livErs 7.95
Served w/ Grits or Home Fries


Served with Grits or Home Fries and Homemade Biscuits

cheese omelette 4.95

western omelette 6.95

w/Onions, Peppers, and Ham


HoTCAkEs or wAfflE 6.00
w/ Regular Bacon 7.95
w/ Slab Bacon 8.95
w/ Pork Sausage, Beef Sausage or Turkey Sausage 7.95
w/ Fried Chicken (dark meat) 11.95
w/ Fried Chicken (white meat) 12.95


Coconut shrimp  9.95
w/ Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce

sylvia’s sassy wings  8.50

Catfish fingers  9.50


soulful Chicken fingers  7.95
w/ Honey Mustard Sauce

salmon bites  6.95

chicken livers  6.95
w/ Sylvia’s Brown Gravy


Served Monday – Friday 11:00am to 3:00pm / Includes 2 side orders
(take out available only in lunch containers)

bAkEd HAm 8.95

sAlmon CroquETTE 8.95

CHiCkEn livErs  8.95

HErb bAkEd Chicken lEg  8.95

friEd or smoTHErEd CHiCkEn lEg 8.95


Includes 2 side orders

Monday 13.95
Stewed Chicken & Dumplings

Tuesday & Wednesday
Meat loaf w/ Sylvia’s Secret Sauce 11.95
Oxtails – A Taste of The South  15.95

Thursday 10.95
Stewed Turkery wings on a bed of Homemade Cornbread Dressing

Friday- Sunday 16.95
Time honored Southern Style chitterling


mixed green salad 4.95
Topped w/ Grilled Chicken Breast $11.95
Topped w/ Grilled Salmon $14.95
Topped w/ Grilled Shrimp $15.95

Veggie Platter 13.95
Choose 4 sides


10 Years & Under / Includes 2 Side Orders
(Not available for takeout)

friEd wHiTing 9.95

CHiCkEn fingErs  9.95

baked ham  9.95

friEd or smoTHErEd CHiCkEn lEg  9.95

Daily Entrees

Includes 2 side orders


CHiCkEn livErs 10.95
Sauteed w/ Onions & Peppers, Topped w/ Gravy

grillEd HErb CHiCkEn brEAsT  13.95

ovEn bAkEd HAlf CHiCkEn 16.95
Seasoned to Perfection w/ Fresh Herbs (not available for lunch Monday-Friday)

sylviA’s down HomE friEd or smoTHErEd CHiCkEn 14.95
All white meat 15.95


CATCH of THE dAy Market Price

goldEn friEd sHrimp, Bar-b-que or grillEd sHrimp 18.95

TAsTy CArolinA sTylE friEd or grillEd CATfisH 16.95

grillEd ATlAnTiC bAr-b-quE sAlmon  19.95

sAlmon CroquETTEs  12.95


Served with 2 side orders & homemade cornbread (excluding angus burger)

sHorT ribs of bEEf  23.95
Prepared in Sylvia’s Secret Brown Gravy

grillEd bbq sHorT ribs of bEEf  23.95

grillEd us primE sTEAk  25.95

Sylvia’s world famous talked about Bar-B-Que Ribs  17.95
w/ Sylvia’s Original Sassy Sauce (available in supermarkets)

goldEn friEd, grillEd or smoTHErEd pork CHops  18.95
One Pork Chop 13.95

bAkEd HAm 12.95

sylviA’s sAssy Angus burgEr  11.95
w/ Sweet Potato Fries or French Fries


CAliforniA sTylE wAfflE and smoTHErEd CHiCkEn  11.95
All white meat 12.95

HArlEm sTylE friEd CHiCkEn and waffle 11.95
All white meat 12.95


Collard Greens (Traditional or Vegetarian)
Buttered Corn (Mon. – Thurs.)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Potato Salad
Okra & Tomato Gumbo (Fri. – Sat.)
Steamed Rice
String Beans
Blacked Eyed Peas (Wed. – Sun.)
Baked Macaroni & Cheese
Lima Beans (Mon. – Tues.)
Cowpeas & Rice (Fri. – Sat.)
Candied Yams
Pickled Beets


Sylvia’s World Famous Barb-B-Que Ribs & Fried Chicken  $19.95
w/ Sylvia’s Original Sassy Sauce (available in supermarkets)
All White Meat $20.95

Seafood Gumbo – Fried Shrimp & Fried Whiting  $23.95


rEd vElvET CAkE  6.00

CHoColATE CAkE  5.50

Banana Pudding Cake  5.50

sTrAwbErry brEAd pudding w/bourbon sAuCE  5.50

pEACH CobblEr 5.00
(Try Sylvia’s Peach Cobbler Mix Sold in Stores)


souTHErn sTylE bAnAnA pudding  5.00

swEET poTATo piE  5.00

CoConuT CAkE  5.00

Ice Cream  5.00

A lA modE  2.00